Barbara Turner, PhD

What counts most is the dream inside each life, the language that it already speaks, the hope it hides.

-Michael Meade


Counseling, Depth Psychology, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Dream Work

Many things can bring a person into therapy. The focus of the work may include:

  • Anxiety, Fearfulness, Worry, Distress
  • Depression, Sadness, Sorrow
  • Isolation, Loneliness, Emptiness
  • Trauma Issues, both recent and past,
  • PTSD, Complex Traumatic Responses
  • Family of Origin Issues
  • Nightmares
  • Grief and Loss
  • Career Issues
  • Goal Setting and Clarifying Life Direction
  • Individual Counseling for Relationship Issues

Psychotherapy helps you build a solid working relationship with yourself. Together, as we address the symptoms you bring, the process will help you listen to and respect yourself more fully.

By seeking to address life's challenges, those stressors lose power. Things that no longer feel manageable -relationship issues, work challenges, depression, sorrow, anxiety, fear, worry, loneliness, loss- can all be witnessed, explored, and worked through, freeing you to more fully live the life you desire.

Dealing with emotional and psychic pain is a highly personal, private, and sensitive process. While difficulty brings one into therapy, your strengths are also vital part of the process. Therapy helps you access and strengthen your mental and emotional resources throughout the work.

The Therapy Services I offer include:

Counseling: Counseling and short term therapy are helpful when people need a bit of extra support in listening, attending to, or caring for themselves. It can help to talk to a professional outside your situation. This brief work is often appropriate during the death of a loved one, during major life transitions, during times of increased stress, when following through with major change, and so on. Many people find as few as 5 to 12 sessions can help add clarity and direction during times of difficulty.

Psychotherapy: Ongoing depth oriented psychotherapy helps create permanent and lasting change to long standing difficulties. Through gently attending to experience, pain is transformed. But this is often difficult to do alone. People need safety, time, and support to face difficult issues and transform themselves.

The therapy process is a commitment to ones self. It is an opportunity to focus on one's personal growth, mental and emotional health. Self reflection, psychological inquiry, and mindful attention are skills one develops during a depth oriented therapy. This type of work can be highly transformative, leading to greater life satisfaction.

Dream Work: Dreams are a vital aspect of many people's relationships to themselves and their lives. They can play a vital part in supporting growth towards personal goals.

Dreams are often a mystery. Sometimes it is the disturbing dream that grabs one's attention. Some bring inspiration. Others present a puzzle. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, and change in their quality, content, and themes as we move through life. With attention, dreams can provide a vital source of inspiration and guidance. They can help us heal the past and support us moving forward with major life decisions.

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